Monday, October 17, 2011

More Halloween Bentos

Today I decided to make some Linzer cookies as small gifts for the teachers (maybe I'll add pictures of those later). While I had the cookie cutter out I just whipped up these lunches. the cut-outs show much better with my older daughters sunbutter sandwiches, than the little one's turkey, but it's still cute and was super fast. The cut-outs are pumpkins, an owl and a ghost, if you can't make them out.

Along the same theme I used a cat cookie cutter for these sandwiches. I took the center of the full bread slice and made the little cat. I then filled in the full slice with the same cat cut from the end of the loaf of bread. See those little Jack-O-Lanterns with the small cat? Those are carrot slices I hand carved, there are only three because I almost cut my finger off and gave up.

Can you guess what these sandwiches are? I knew those food markers would get a lot of use!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's so easy to get into the Halloween theme with the lunches! I mean there are so many cute store bought items this time of year. My little one has a field trip tomorrow to a pumpkin farm so she had to bring a sack lunch, no Bento. I made sure to include a pumpkin shaped sandwich for the occasion. Following suit this is the my oldest daughters lunch.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bentos for the week so far...

I've been so busy doing things around the house the past few days it's wearing me out! Now I'm coming down with something, so more than ever my creative time at night is my therapy. I've been trying to get my brain to work harder on new ideas. I'm playing this game where I blindly choose a cookie cutter and have to incorporate that theme into the Bentos. Here's what I've come up with so far...

We re-live a lot of favorites in this house. Snap peas and flower sandwiches are always a hit, and of course fortune cookies!
This was for my oldest daughter yesterday. Hubby is trying to convert her to a Packer fan. I thought this might maker her a little more popular with the boys at her lunch table too...
The little one is doing her weekly unit on apples this week, so I used that for her lunch.
This is tomorrow's lunch. This is as creative as I can get with laryngitis, and after having spent the day moving furniture around...