Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Lesson in Bento...Have Options

So we've had a few days of school, and that means a few lunches have come and gone. I was worried about my little one because she really likes to take her time when she eats, but Kindergarten schedules don't allow for THAT much time. I love offering her selection in her lunch, but sometimes that means more food, and more food...requires MORE time. See the conflict? So I figure now I'll be sending smaller portions in the smaller bento, which I originally thought was too small. I'm glad I had the smaller one.

This is the bento she has been taking, which holds a LOT to keep it full.
This is the smaller one, that gives me the two tier option, yet with smaller portions.

Tonight I wanted to make my kids a favorite family salad that I know they both love. So I needed another container to hold the salad. I was so glad I remembered the little snack cup that I actually picked up in the Target dollar section!

It may look like a lot to pack, but it keeps everything fresh, the dry goods stay dry, and the flavors don't mingle. Everything fits very nicely in her lunch sack.

The bottom three containers are hers, the top is my 12 year olds bento.

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