Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

My baby starts Kindergarden tomorrow!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer is Coming to and End...

One of our last Summer Bentos

That means it's BACK TO SCHOOL!! I have so much to show you! September will be full of fun new Bentos, a pretty peacock wedding to prepare for, Smash book fun, Feathers for the shop, and SO SO much more!

I just have on tiny request, I really want to be a btter blogger, and for that I need feedback. Please sign in and follow me, or leave me a comment, let me know your visiting.

Such a Busy Month

Sorry for the lack of posts but we've had a very busy month. My oldest had her Birthday this month, and we had my parents visit for a few days, plus had a Birthday party! if you follow me on Pinterest you probably saw the board I have dedicated to her party. It was a big success, despite some early concern about the number of guests. We made button bracelets at Glitter Workshop, then we had a sleepover.
Let me tell you five eleven/twelve year olds, plus my two girls can be a LOT of fun, but pretty tiring. Here are some quick snaps from the events.
The decorations had a cute little owl, so we ran with it. These cupcakes I found on Family Fun were perfect.

How cute are these little cookies?! I got them from a seller on Etsy, and she was just so lovely to work with. They were just as delicious as they are cute!

I set up a little "candy buffet" for the girls to have a take-aways. I might have re-thought this is I'd have remembered they were coming straight to my house afterword...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sandwich Sushi

Today's bento was really fun! While my 11 year old is really adventurous and will eat actual sushi, my 5 year old...well she's another story. Part of Bento for me was broadening the scope of what she will eat by making it fun. So I took veggies I knew she's eat and made then into simple sandwich sushi, with whole wheat bread, and a little mayo. She loves eating with chopsticks so I made sure everything in the bento was kid chopstick friendly.

Here's a little pictorial on how I made the "sushi".

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I've learned in Bento

I started Bento-ing this summer as practice for the school year, which is fast approaching. Here are some lessons I learned.

Dead space is useless, fill it in and, fill it up!

Colorful food is fun food, and veggies are colorful, yay for this one!

Dessert is important when your a kid. Oh who am I kidding it important to all of us.

Kids will eat almost anything off cute mini forks!