Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sandwich Sushi

Today's bento was really fun! While my 11 year old is really adventurous and will eat actual sushi, my 5 year old...well she's another story. Part of Bento for me was broadening the scope of what she will eat by making it fun. So I took veggies I knew she's eat and made then into simple sandwich sushi, with whole wheat bread, and a little mayo. She loves eating with chopsticks so I made sure everything in the bento was kid chopstick friendly.

Here's a little pictorial on how I made the "sushi".


Lindsay said...

What an awesome idea, Dawn! This would be so helpful for some of my friend's with picky kids ... I'll be forwarding this post on for sure :)

Daisy Petal Designs said...

Lindsay, this was exactly my aim with Madie, she can be VERY picky. She really enjoyed these though. Thanks for sharing my blog!