Monday, October 17, 2011

More Halloween Bentos

Today I decided to make some Linzer cookies as small gifts for the teachers (maybe I'll add pictures of those later). While I had the cookie cutter out I just whipped up these lunches. the cut-outs show much better with my older daughters sunbutter sandwiches, than the little one's turkey, but it's still cute and was super fast. The cut-outs are pumpkins, an owl and a ghost, if you can't make them out.

Along the same theme I used a cat cookie cutter for these sandwiches. I took the center of the full bread slice and made the little cat. I then filled in the full slice with the same cat cut from the end of the loaf of bread. See those little Jack-O-Lanterns with the small cat? Those are carrot slices I hand carved, there are only three because I almost cut my finger off and gave up.

Can you guess what these sandwiches are? I knew those food markers would get a lot of use!

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