Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cupcakes, Champagne, and Feathers!

Let me start by saying I LOVE weddings! I love the every aspect of it, but most especially the planning. I think because I so LOVE to see it all come together in one grand display in the end. But I also love parties, and what better excuse for a bunch of parties than a wedding.

When Lindsay first asked me to help her with accessories for her wedding I was ecstatic! When she started talking about her vision for the theme all these picture started whirling in my head. One thing I knew was I has to have some kind of party for her, but I needed a bit of an excuse. I'm not close enough to help with a shower, or part of a larger group for an engagement party. Then she said she wanted to invite the Bridesmaids to show them some of what we were working on, and I thought, THIS IS IT!

It was so great to have Abby and Kayla come and work on the designs they were going to wear. First they are so much fun to chat with, and you can really see why all these girls are such good friends. It was lovely to be a part of that.

I got to see the dresses. The got to see all the ideas. We made a Lindsay try on here headpiece, and the girls saw theirs. Everyone went home with cupcakes and champagne. it was a GREAT day!

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