Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lindsay's Peacock Wedding

Okay I'm going to show some unfinished product, I just can wait to share. Remember how I said that the wedding accessories I was working on included bouquets made of feathers? Well without further a-do:

There is some finishing work to do, this was mostly a test to see if the bride liked the look. I am going to include some rhinestone accents that will match the bridesmaids hair accessories.

Those areas where there seem to be more blue, in the center I'll be including rhinestone accents like the ones you see on this lovely comb:
These are the Maid and Matron of Honors hairpieces. I had a chance to meet them and we worked together to design them. It was so much fun! A perfect excuse to eat cupcakes, talk wedding talk, and of course have some champagne! Check back for a glimpse of what it was like.

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