Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bento by Request

In lieu of a lengthy post I'm going to show you some of our recent lunches.

Arent these Ladybug Babybells the cutest?! I found them on Pinterest. Ah Pinterest you are my new drug of choice.

This was a "Teddybear Picnic". The sandwiches are supposed to be bear faces, I just could not think of how to add mouths so they look a little off. This is why I'm practicing, next time they'll be better.

A big part of my staring to Bento was getting my little one to be more adventurous with food. She had tries so many new things now, snap peas are a new favorite! This was basically salad, and I was so happy to watch my girls eat all those veggies!

This Bento inspired a lot of questions on Facebook about where I got my Bento supplies. I'll be answering those questions in a post very soon!


Tricia said...

YES!! Love the post, and love this virgin voyage into the world of creative lunches! Thank you for sharing your secrets... these are a-mazing!

Daisy Petal Designs said...

Tricia, thanks for stopping by to check out the post! Thanks for all the kind words too. I hope you continue to Bento along with us!