Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don't Play with your Food

My youngest will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. I love the back to school season, and I've already been searching out all the cutest supplies I could find for her. I am so excited for her, and at the same time know how much I'll miss all my time with her during the day. We've been talking about what school is like with my oldest who will be going into 7th grade. We've all decided both of them will bring lunches to school this year. My oldest wanted to buy lunch at school last year, you know "like all the cool kids do". She quickly learned, she's not that into what they serve at school. I started to see a pattern in her lunch buying, bagel and apple and a cookie, almost everyday for lunch. Not exactly my ideal, so I decided to Bento.
My youngest is picky, and she eats in snack-y proportions throughout the day, so for her it's perfect. My oldest is not picky, but right now she's obsessed with all things Japan, so it fit for her too. We've been "practicing" this summer to see what kind of lunches go over well. Here are some we've done.

I've purchased some supplies and a few different types of "lunch boxes", including some more bento style boxes. But Bento is becoming so popular, as well as good old fashioned taking your lunch. So even Ziplock makes containers that work.

I've been pretty amazed at how much my little one will eat when it's cute food. I even get to use the ends of the bread now! I mean really who knew.


Pat Marks said...

I need to learn creative lunches like you do. I only have an hour break, not enouch time to go somewhere and get lunch, besides that's getting expensive.

Daisy Petal Designs said...

I think there will be days I'll do some more grown-up versions, for myself, so check back. I might as well just make my lunch ahead somedays too, it helps stay on a healthier track for me too.