Monday, December 14, 2009

Making Merry

Okay so remember my post about company and doing things to my house? Well that's where I've been, thanks to a generous Christmas gift from my parents the hubby and I have been busy painting our house, our WHOLE house. That would be the entire first level, and second floor hall. We have a split level that is kind of open concept so it all needs to match. Maybe I'll post pictures when I can get some in better light. Anyway...
I've decided on my Holiday table. I'm going to do red and white. So I have to tell you I have NOTHING by way of table linens, so I had to start from scratch. Here are the core elements, I got hotel style white table cloth and napkins, and some red chargers from Target. This is what I'm going to build around:

I'm not doing anything too formal, because that's just not us, but I want it to be special. I'm thinking cottage style casual. I love the idea of natural elements and I'm sure I'm going to add some handmade touches. Here's some inspiration I found:

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DG said...

That tablescape looks great! Might have to use it at my next holiday party.