Sunday, December 20, 2009

Whats on my List...

I thought instead of boring you with all my prep work for hosting the Holidays at my home I'd show you what I'm wishing for. Of course I want for us to have a joy filled Holiday, and maybe all get to relax a bit...Oh who am I kidding it's Christmas right?!
I've been blessed with some small success on Etsy, and more than anything I've had a renewed desire to create things. Right now it's all done on my kitchen counters, and dining room table, not really conducive to drawn out projects. My process consists of thinking something up, whip everything out, work on the project, clean it all up before the kids come home or dinner, or between cleaning rooms, or...well you get the idea. So more than anything I want a workspace, my OWN space, and this is what I'm dreaming of:

I want a place to spread out, lay things out, and if need be leave them and walk away for a bit. I want to display pretty things that inspire me, surround myself with MY things. I would love to have an organized, efficient place to put everything. In the end it's would probably look a little like this, except less green and more oh maybe teals, pinks,reds and ivory, but shhhh don't tell my hubby since we'll share an office.

This set up belongs to Stampin' Lounge

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