Friday, December 4, 2009

A Symptom of the Disease

I am seriously addicted to Etsy; and it's more than just working on my shop. Just ask my husband, my nose is rarely out of my laptop anymore. My poor 3 year old thinks I grew a new appendage. I think I really proved it to myself last night.
You see I really think Etsy is a wonderful community. I've chatted with, and got lots of get advise from fellow "etsians". I've also been very lucky to be able to work some trades with great artisans for things that would have been added to my long list of favorites. So I popped into the chat section to see if I could find someone willing to do a trade; I was looking for some cute bobby pins for myself. Well none of the chatters really had what I was looking for, so back to searching. I found some that made my heart flutter:

But the crafter in me though "hmmm I wonder...", so what did I do? Search in SUPPLIES!
So now I will be attempting to make myself some bobby pins, strictly for me not for sale. I sure hope it works because what will I do with 24 of these?!

Photos courtesy of MiaBeads and ATsupplies

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