Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland Inspired

It's December! Moving here I was not looking forward to Decembers in Wisconsin. One would think that growing up in Chicago, I'd be used to "winter", I'm not. However lately we've had some very pleasant days, that and the Holidays have me feeling more jovial about our upcoming winter.
I've made a few of these wool felt flower headbands and they really seem to whisper Winter to me. In a good way of course, invoking images of cozy sweaters and hot chocolate. I plan to add a few more to the shop very soon.


chiara said...

this is really elegant and delicate... whish I looked goog with headbands.
Saw your post on the ST and immediately came here to check your blog!
BTW, I am ico from ST

mecummins said...

Hi! Boots from ST. Great blog so far! I know exactly what you mean about midwest winters. I love the change of seasons but am not looking forward to the snow and freeze!